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We make learning fun.
Who We Are ?


We are a group of developers who specialize in application development for mobile devices. In addition we specialize in creating content to a variety of users.

What's on our website ?


We have a variety of applications for children of different ages, ranging from age 1 to age 10.
Our team is doing great efforts and pay attention in order to allow the best user experience available to our applications and the extra attention you would expect that only appropriate content is used. This allows to give the user a pleasant and safe experience thus, generating maximum benefit from our products We also do efforts to launch our applications in as many languages as possible thus, delivering our products to as many users as possible, and to connect the children of the world together.
We offer free versions as well as paid applications.
We continuously update our applications and develop new material, therefore we encourage you to periodically use your preferred application market (e.g. Android Market) to update your already installed applications as well as checking our latest releases.
We strive to improve our services, we would be very glad for any questions, bug reports or any other request you may have.


To further improve the service, we would be very glad you ask us any question, optimization, reporting a bug or any other topic that interests you, members of our team will be happy to answer your requests and to communicate with you.


Contact Us
How can I download new applications or get updates?


You can find our applications in several application markets and in particular:
Android Market
Samsung Apps
Motorola shop4app



You can always search for AppInMob in your application market and see all our new releases 

Thank you for your interest.


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