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Kids Tv - Free

With this application we bring for your kid a huge list of Tv shows and programs to spent his time on it.
This list includes educational programs and funny at the same time, educational songs, and more cartoons.
with this application your child will browse the list suggested and connected directly to Youtube and other sharing sites over the Internet, so you don't need to search again and again every time. Children likes to watch TV when family are in a trip or vacations. so now he is connected as much as you need. When you are driving its possible (in some cars) to connect the mobile with the volume system over Bluetooth while watching programs so he will feel better sound effects :). 

This programs are uploded to sharing sites by Internet users and are not stored in our site, and we don't have any copyrights for such materials. we believe that users and sharing sites respects all copy rights of producers. the main purpose of our application is to sorting such material in easy way for kids, and we are ready for any cooperation with copyright owners in any case. 

To Download this application from the markets :

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